A sustainably developed Dzongkhag with healthy, wealthy and happy people




·         1.To  provide adequate access to efficient and effective public services,

·         2. To .develop quality infrastructure necessary for socio-economic empowerment,

·         3. Ensure sustainable and responsible utilization of natural resources for inter- generational equity,

·         4.Preserve and promote tangible and intangible cultural heritage to strengthen Bhutanese identity and social harmony.




The following are the objectives of the Dzongkhag:


  1. To enhance food and nutrition security
  2. To enhance and strengthen local economy
  3. To improve health status of communities
  4. To enhance sustainable management and utilization of natural resources
  5. To enhance adult literacy and school enrolment with higher learning outcomes
  6. To preserve and promote culture and tradition
  7. To improve Urban amenities
  8. To enhance public service delivery
  9. To collect and submit information and data on time
  10. To reduce corruption