Brief Description

Kazhi Gewog is located around 25 km away from Wangdue Phodrang and it is endowed with pristine environment. Most of the villages were surrounded by mountains that are covered with beautiful forest mostly dominated by chirpiness. The Gewog is also blessed with abundant water sources in which it has been shared with many beneficiaries-the neighbours Gewog and Wangdue town has been shared the water from Kazhi Gewog. Besides having many significant temples established by renowned saint, most of the places under this Gewog is also blessed by Guru Rinpoche,popularly known as Belangdra nye which is located an hour walk from the road point. This is a place where pilgrimage from different directions visited to get blessings and gloated to witness a place.

The people are mainly depend on paddy cultivation as rice being the main staple diet besides other cereal crops like wheat,buckwheat,etc.They also cultivate cash crops like potato,chili,cabbage,cauli flower, broccoli and others among which potatoes and chilies are the main source of income. One of the chiwogs, Beldrok, comprising of 48 households, cannot grow any crops due to high altitude. They practiced nomadic culture of living, depending on yaks and cordycep collection is the main cash crop for them. With the help of government interventions in the development, the basic infrastructures have reached to every corner of the villages, making rural life more comfortable to live created a conducive environment to earn living in a better way comparing the past. Almost all the villages are touched with farm roads which is the basic need towards gearing the economic development.




No tourist destinations in this Gewog.