The vision of the Registration and Census (DCRC) Section is delivering civil registration and census related services of the highest standard and quality to the citizen of Bhutan.


  • To develop and maintain accurate database on all citizens and Special Residence Permit (SRP) holders.
  • To enhance and simplify the citizenship identity cards, SRP and other nationality documents issuance system.
  • To improve and deliver customer care services through the optimal use of information, communication and technology.
  • To maintain and generate complete demographic data through an automated system


In order to promote professionalism and customer care services, the DCRC has identified the following as core values:

Honesty and Integrity

  • The officials should demonstrate highest integrity, honesty and discipline while discharging the services.

Customer Care Services

  • The DCRC should be prepared to respond to the needs of the general public by providing high quality, prompt and reliable services. A people friendly approach should be promoted.

Team Work

  • The DCRC should promote cohesive and affirmative inter-personal relationship amongst the officials and be responsive to the needs of the clients.

Promote Professionalism

  • The DCRC should place qualified and competent officials in all the Dzongkhags to manage the Bhutan Civil Registration System.


    Census Form

    Attachment Size
    1. Birth_Registration_Form.pdf 424.25 KB
    2. Census_Transfer_for_Inter_Dzongkhag.pdf 406.1 KB
    3. Census_Transfer_Within_Dongkhag.pdf 405.57 KB
    4. Census_Transfer_Within_Gewog.pdf 405.84 KB
    5. Change_of_citizen:SRP_Individual_Information_and_details_of_spouse_form.pdf 388.61 KB
    6. Change_of_Census_Status_(Up-gradation & Down-gradation).pdf 389.33 KB
    7. Change_of_Head_of_Household.pdf 320.09 KB
    8. Citizenship_Identity:Special_Residence_Permit_Card_for_Those_Reporting_for_the_First_Time.pdf 412.1 KB
    9. Death_Reporting_Form.pdf 1.06 MB
    9. Death_Reporting_Form.pdf 1.06 MB
    10. Information_on_Birth.pdf 90.39 KB
    11. Name_Change_and_Correction_of_Date_of_Birth.pdf 390.51 KB
    12. Service_Application.pdf 177.54 KB
    13. Census_Naturalization_and_Regularization_Form.pdf 421.1 KB
    14. CID_and_SRP_Replacement_Form.pdf 1.03 MB
    15. Statement_of_Death.pdf 67.27 KB