Promotion Notification for 2023 from MoE

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1. Promotion Notification for 1st January 2023.pdf 579.38 KB
2.-Annexure-I_Publication-Notification.pdf 639.73 KB
3.-Annexure-II_Promotion-of-Principals-and-VPs.pdf 392.01 KB
4.-Annexure-III-PD-Record-Format.xls 38 KB
5.-Annexure-IV_Specialist-Promotion-Proposal-Form-26_1.pdf 208.86 KB
6.-Legal-Undertaking.pdf 226.66 KB
7.-Supplementary-Meritorious-Promotion-Proposal-Form.pdf 224.98 KB
9.-Promotion-Application-Form.pdf 365.21 KB
8.-SMDF-Notification.pdf 2.22 MB
10.-Format_Specialist-Terms-of-Reference.pdf 390.77 KB
11.-Format_Area-of-Specialization.pdf 122.75 KB
12. Notification-from-RCSC-Ethics-Training-new.pdf 204.54 KB

Comparative Statement 2021-2022

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Item Wise Evaluation-Computer and IT Equipment 2021-2022_0.pdf 217.04 KB
Item Wise Evaluation- Tonner and Cartridges 2021-2022_0.pdf 356.93 KB
Lot Wise Evalaution-Annual Catering 2021-2022_0.pdf 744.94 KB
Item Wise Evaluation-Hardware and Electrical Items 2021-2022_0.pdf 2.71 MB
Item Wise Evaluation-Office and School Stationery 2021-2022_0.pdf 610.84 KB
Item Wise Evaluation-Fuel Efficient Cooking Stoves & others_0.pdf 228.5 KB
Item Wise Evaluation- Tyres and Tubes 2021-2022_0.pdf 242.23 KB
Item Wise Evaluation- Games and Sport Items 2021-2022_0.pdf 302.52 KB
Item Wise Evaluation- Hiring vehicles and Machineries_0.pdf 276.24 KB
Item Wise Evaluation- Office and School Furniture 2021-2022_0.pdf 399.19 KB
Item Wise Evaluation- Agricultural Equipment 2021-2022_0.pdf 296.32 KB