Human Resource

Sectoral Profile


We aspire to build partnerships with management at all levels of the organization to create a campus culture that values all employees. This culture encourages and rewards exceptional performance and continuous improvement, fosters teamwork, and supports balanced attention to work and personal life issues. We provide services of the highest quality in a cost-effective manner while creating a healthy professional environment that fosters respect for both diverse perspectives and a service orientation.


The mission of the human resources department is to develop, implement and support programs and processes that add value to our Dzongkhag and its employees, leading to improved employee welfare, empowerment, growth and retention, while committed to Dzongkhag’s key targets, its management and prosperity for its customers, employees and other stakeholders.


  1. To help the organization to attain its goals effectively and efficiently by providing competent  and motivated employees.
  2. To utilize the available human resources effectively.
  3. To increase to the fullest the employee’s job satisfaction and self-actualization.
  4. To develop and maintain the quality of work life (QWL) which makes employment in the organization a desirable personal and social situation.
  5. To help maintain ethical policies and behavior inside and outside the organization.
  6. To establish and maintain cordial relations between employees and management.
  7. To reconcile individual/group goals with organizational goals.




Human Resource Forms

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Charter_for_Wangduephodrang_Staff_Walfare_Association.pdf 246.03 KB
Staff_Walfare_Scheme_Form.docx 160.45 KB
Encashment_of_Leave.doc 931.5 KB
Information_Correction_Form.pdf 373.88 KB
Leave_Request_and_Approval_Form.pdf 295.92 KB
Travel_allowance_claim_form.pdf 294.83 KB
Travel_Authorisation_Form.pdf 213.9 KB
Civil-Service-Employment-Application-Form-3.pdf 335.35 KB
Vehicle Requisition.pdf 163.59 KB
Attendance Sheet -for-workshop-or-training-Form.pdf 45.54 KB