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Formal Letshog Lopon Lam Chimi Consecrated the new Mani Dungkhor in Bajo town dedicating to the 60th Birth Anniversary for the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.





Dzongkhag Sports committee organizes a  open Volley Ball  tournament in Bajo town dedicating towards the 60th Birth Anniversary for the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. The final match was played between team PHPA II and Team RBP. Team RBP won the open tournament.



Dzongkhag Sports committee organizes a Yangphel style open Khuru tournament  in Bajo town  dedicating towards the 60th Birth Anniversary for the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. The final match was played between team Trukers,team RBP and team Kheng United. Team truckers won the open tournament.


Mr. Mani Gyeltshen, Teacher, Gaselo Higher Secondary School has completed Master of Education from SRM University, Chennai, India in May 2015. He has not only received Gold Medal in the University Examination with 90.57%, but also in a Paper Presentation during the Research Day Celebration 2015. Furthermore, he is awarded the Student of the Year and Overall Best Performer besides having certified as the student with 100% attendance. He was the recipient of The Trainee Graduate of the Year (2004-2006) in 2006 from Paro College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan.  



In order to celebrate the historic lifetime event and also to prepare ourselves for the same, the Dzongkhag Administration  is organizing mass cleaning campaign on 31st October 2015 towards clean and healthy environment. This is to create awareness on the waste management and convey that we are responsible for our own waste

for further information. please contact Mr. Sonam Tobgay B, DT secretary at 17680948


Dzongkhag Administration Wangduehodrang  would like to wish Happiness to our Beloved King & Gyaltsuen on the joyous occasion of their ROYAL WEDDING ANNIVERSARY




Dzongkhag Administration Wangduephodrang in collaboration with PHPA,RBA,Desung,Regional staff and public organize a Move for Health Walk on 11/10/2015  from three different points .

1. Interested PHPA Staff and officials to walk from DAM area to the town square, Bajo

2. RBA, Family members and Desups to walk from Khuruthang Bridge to town square, Bajo

3.Dzongkhag Staff , Regional  staff and Public to walk from mesina to town square , Bajo


The Dzongkhag Administration, Wangdue is pleased to shortlist the candidates for ECCD Facilitator and NFE Instructor.

Dzongkhag Administration would like to inform all the general Public that wangduephodrang Tshechu is schedule from 21st sept to 23 sept , 2015.

Tshechu program list

The Dzongkhag Administration, Wangdue would like to inform all the bidders who are participating the upcoming tender for construction of farm road from Shingkhay to Phaka under Gasetshom Geog.


The International Democracy Day and National Voters’ Day 2015 celebrated at Samtengang Central School. The chief Guest of the Day was Hon’ble Heath Minister. The main objective of the event was to create awareness amongst the public participation in democracy. The student also role played on parliamentary.




Annual Performance Agreement signed between Gups and Dasho Dzongdag, Dzongkhag Administration, Wangduephodrang on 21st August, 2015 at DT Hall.



Open football tournament is being organize in Bajo School. 38  team from Punakha dzongkhag,Gasa Dzongkhag and wangdue dzongkhag have participated  in the tournament.


HR Section of this Dzongkhag Administartion, Wangdue would like to notify all the Sector/Section Heads, GAOs and Hospitals to filled up the Performance Appraisal form (IWP and Core competencies) duly signed by the immediate supervisors and submit before August 31, 2015 to HR Office in Hard copy and soft copy (email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Click here for Download PMS manual, Guidlines and Performance Apprasial form



Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag conducted the eleventh Dzongkhag Tshogdu on Thursday 6th August and 7th August 2015. 


The Dzongkhag Administration, Wangdue is please to implement the Staff Welfare Association  with retrospective effect from July 1, 2015. 
Therefore, regular civil servants and ESP/GSP staff under Dzongkhag Administration's roof may please fill up registration form 1/2 and nomination update form and submit to HR Section latest or before 31st July, 2015.

 Finance Section, Dzongkhag Administration Wangduephodrang would like to notify all civil servants under the  Dzongkhag that poter pony claims for various place to visit on Official tour shall be made only on the following grounds.

1. As Per BCSR 2012 if the place of visit takes 8:00 hrs or more. refer to BCSR 2012

2. If there is no geog connectivity road and other feeder/farm roads connecting the place of visit.

Click here for Notification


Human Resource Section, Dzongkhag Administration ,Wangdue would like to notify all the civil servants under the Dzognkhag that who have assured "NO" in the Civil Service Information System(CSIC) to submit your correction proposals using correction form(Annexure 21/1) and along with supporting documents before or latest by 31 july 2015

Click here for Notification


  Dasho Dzongdag , Dasho Dzongrab  and Education Sector , Dzongkhag Administration Wangduephodrang Congratulates Miss. Karma Choki ,CL X of   Samtengang Central School for receiving Golden Youth Award  2015