Excellent Dzongkhag to preserve, protect and promote the diverse cultural heritages and its values.


The mission is to preserve, protect, identify and interpret archaeological sites, collect history, and promote arts and crafts in Wangdue Dzongkhag.


  1. To assure the Sovereignty of the Country
  2.  To preserve the diverse cultural Heritage sites
  3. To create the sense of being one nation >


  • Inventorying Cultural sites
  • Carrying out Need assessment for constructions and renovations

  • Investigating the Cultural Properties as per the Cultural Property ACT ,2005(Every after 3 Years)

  • Creating awareness on Religion and Culture


  1.  Promotion and development of traditional arts including Tsechus.
  2.  Create awareness among the locals of the significance of heritage sites.
  3.  Providing facilities for the conservation of cultural and historical structures and sites.       
  4.  Co-ordinate training of mask and folk dancers under Dzongkhag.
  5.  Co-ordinate the handing taking of lhakhang between kayner. 
  6.  Investigating,keeping record and informing to the govt. about the vandalism of chotens  
  7.  and lhakhangs.
  8. Planning of the construction and renovation of lhakhangs and chortens under the
  9. Dzongkhag.        
  10. Co-ordinate training of driglam in schools and institutes
  11.  Other Protocol services- Chadi
  12.  Focal person of DDC

Core Services and Processes

1. Process the approval for construction, renovation, maintenance of Lhakhangs, Ancillary structures, Chortens

   A. Mandatory documents
1. Forwarding letter from the Dzongkhag
2. Land Ownership certificate
3. Community clearance
4. Damage assessment report/need assessment report
5. Detail cost estimate
6. Proposed drawing (for reconstruction, new construction and site development works)
7. Location map (google map of aerial photograph

B. Additional documents
1. Undertaking letter for commitment of fund( if the source of fund is private/organization)
2. Surety letter on how to meet the resource gap (if there is fund deficit)
3. Timber estimate (if work is not tendered out to pvt. contractor)

2. Handing taking of Lhakhang Koynyer

Cross check the Thram and hand over the cultural properties to the newly appointed caretake

3. Investigation of Vandalism

Upon receiving the incident report, Cultural sector with RBP undergo investigation for burglary  cases related to Cultural heritages

4. Research and awareness

Carry pocked research to keep records of the dying culture and give awareness to the public