Dzongdag's Message

Message from Dasho Dzongdag

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is an important instrument through which the national goal of Gross National Happiness (GNH) and its principles may be realized. With the launch of internet services during the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the fourth monarch, HM Jigme Singye Wangchuck, in 1999, the rise of the use of ICT in all walks of Bhutanese day to day life is visible, especially in the offices. ICT has made an impact in our lives in a way that can only be defined as enlightening and productive. In fact, it has become difficult to imagine carrying out everyday official functions without the help of ICT.

There is, however, always room for improvement. With new changes taking place everyday in our Government, i.e. changes in policy and procedure, economic and political changes (Eg. Bhutan taking measures to establish herself as a member of the WTO, The Fifth Monarch ascending the throne etc.), ICT has taken a more proactive role in supplying information to the public. Accessibility to information must always be a key component towards enlightening the people and increasing capacity within all levels. It is thus, necessary, to further improve the ICT network and its accessibility within our country and make sure that more and more people are aware of the use of ICT and its benefits for research, businesses, day to day functions etc.

Concerned stakeholders are coming up with various means of establishing ICT units within Bhutan and to further promote the use of ICT. In Wangdue Dzongkhag, the launch of Local Area Network (LAN) and leased line has opened gateways for everyone to view information via the internet, saving time and increasing proficiency. The introduction of websites for all 20 Dzongkhags is another commendable example. This website will further help to increase awareness and knowledge of Wangdue Dzongkhag and all the activities that are taking place. Spreading awareness of the administration and the proceedings at the grass roots level will help strengthen the policies of good governance. Details will be available at the click of a mouse. Therefore, on behalf of Wangdue Dzongkhag Administration, I welcome you to our website and hope that everyone who enters will derive the best use of all the available information.