21 November 2018

Palokha Sonam Yargay Tshogpa

  • Name of the group: Palokha Sonam Yargey Tshogpa
  • Village: Palokha, Geowg: Rubesa,
  • Objective: To produce Dalley chili and Dalley pickle for import substitution, enhance farmers’ income through sale of Dalley chili products.
  • The group was formed in 2005 with 21 members to produce vegetables at a commercial scale. However the actual production of Dally chili and pickling activities started in 2010 and today there are only 16 active members and the group has revived well under the support and guidance of Gewog and Dzongkhag Administration. The support provided through agriculture sector include giving farmers training on various technical aspects (such as crop production, plant protection, etc.), training on group formation, supply of seeds, watering pipes, sprinklers and plastic films for construction of green houses. 
  • The group has been facing the problem of sealing the pickle bottles and marketing of Dalley pickle products. In order to help the group, Dzongkhag has provided a fund support of Nu.0.600m to construct a processing house and Nu. 0.100m to buy the induction bottle sealing machine with aluminum foils, polythene sleeves with electric blower and bottles in the last financial year.
  • Now the group shall be using Dally pickle processing house and the sealing machine after the inauguration.

On 20/11/2018

  • Dasho Dzongdag inaugurated the Dalley pickle processing house constructed through support of DDG (0.600m) in the FY 2017-18.
  • Dasho Dzondag  handed over the Induction bottle sealing machine, aluminums foils, PVC sleeves, electric blower and pickle bottles to the farmers group procured through DDG support in FY 2017-18.   
  • Demonstrated handling of above mentioned pickle bottle sealing machines.
  • Visited the Dalley chili field / agriculture field and Darjay Poultry Farm.