Rameychen Primary School

Rameychen Primary School is about 8 km from Tabading. Ramey means” grazing land” in local parlance and chen means wide area provided by the government for their cattle a few years back.The school is located on a gentle slope in the middle of the village which has more than 300 households. There is also a farm road from Phobjikha to the school and beyond to the respective villages mainly to transport their far products, especially potatoes.The school was established in the year 2002 with only five teachers teaching from PP-III.The school came to be established mainly because of large catchment area under Phobji Gewog and also due to increasing enrollment pressure in Phobjikha Primary School (At present Phobjikha Central School).The people’s representative (Chimi) of Phobji Gewog and Phobji Gup were the main players who enabled the school to come into being.The school has changed drastically over the years due to increasing enrollment of children during the admission time. This school has benefited a lot for the children of local community by having no longer to walk a long distance to Phobjikha Primary school. At present, there are 202 students with 6 regular trained teachers including the principal. The teacher shortage is a major problem facing the school at present where the school has classes PP-VI.