Two days Trekking Program

07 June 2019

In order to enhance the economy of the poorest communities in the dzongkhag through promotion of tourism, the Dzongkhag Administration has started working on tourism development program in the Dzongkhag on priority basis. As a step towards fulfillment of this goal, the Dzongkhag in coordination with Phobji and Athang Gewog Administration arranged a trekking program from Phobji (Gongphel chiwog) via Shoba to Lopokha (first day) and Lopokha to Dophuchen (Athang Gewog Centre, 2nd Day). 

The main objectives of the program was to explore the possibility of reviving the eco- trail for tourists from Shoba to Lopokha, locate sites for development of resting facilities, restroom, waste pits along the trail, establish campsites facilities, plan restoration of the sacred Lopokha lake, study the possibility of initiating home stay at lopokha for tourists, conduct workshops with local community to ensure their full commitment and understanding of responsibilities and study community-based income possibilities.

The trekking program was conducted during the weekend on June 8th and 9th June 2019, led by Dasho Dzongdag and participated by few Sector Heads, Athang Gup, concerned Tshogpas and the local communities.